Bring Canada's #1 shop local community to your neighbourhood. GetintheLoop is one of the fastest-growing Saas Franchises.

Shop Local, Wherever you are.

It has been rewarding working with local business owners every day. The passion and desire of each local entrepreneur motivates the creativity behind each offer I publish as it promotes and showcases the uniqueness of Hamilton and the surrounding communities.  In addition, the support has been phenomenal from our Head Office.  I had no idea the extent of their support at the onset of joining the team and I am so grateful for their guidance!  Furthermore, I have been living a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle ever since joining GetintheLoop!"

GetintheLoop was built to empower small business owners and make local marketing simple, affordable and measurable. Seeing GetintheLoop become such an amazing business opportunity for hustling entrepreneurs all over the world is a dream come true.

Becoming a Getintheloop Local Owner Just Makes Sense! 

If you’re looking for a business you can start quickly with affordable entry costs, GetintheLoop is the perfect opportunity.

Earn multiple streams of monthly recurring revenue

Low start-up costs - no office, equipment or staff to invest in

Give back to your community and feel good about the work you do every day

Potential to earn initial franchise investment back in months, not years.

No technical or marketing knowledge needed. Full back-end and technical support provided by our team

We provide full training and support for virtually every aspect of your new franchise

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01353 Ellis St #200, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Build equity in your own business rather than someone else's!

Work from anywhere! No lease or real estate costs

To operate a GetintheLoop Local Franchise all you need is a cell phone, computer or tablet, and the ability to visit customers.

Why choose GetintheLoop?

GetintheLoop is a digital community that delivers consumers more ways to discover, explore and shop locally. Businesses are able to provide real-time mobile offers across restaurants, retail, events and things to do. We’ve been referred to as “having Main Street in your pocket”. We don’t just give our members an easy way to shop locally; we also take the difficulty out of digital advertising for our business partners. Our platform is used to amplify the voices of local businesses. Local business is the root of each community, which is why we remain inspired by and committed to giving local businesses a bigger voice. Aside from the satisfaction of supporting small businesses and connecting your community with GetintheLoop, we've made it easy and affordable to get started. You'll receive personalized training and ongoing support, have the flexibility to manage your business, and earn ever-growing income by selling our proven mobile marketing product as you build your business.

Why choose the tech industry?

GetintheLoop is a SaaS business and we offer an attractive start-up price with the opportunity to immediately generate positive cash flow from day one. Unlike traditional franchises, GetintheLoop Franchise Owners do not have to take on significant expenses and overhead which allows for immediate positive cash flow and a growing recurring revenue stream as you continue to build out your local marketplace and sign-up businesses. GetintheLoop local owners have access to multiple price points and packages based on a business’s needs and budget to help them create an ever-growing sustainable income.

What areas are available?

Premium markets are still available in all major cities.

Can I do this as my side hustle?

No. We recommend working a full weekly schedule during business hours for the success of your business. You have the freedom and flexibility to build and control your own schedule.

How much does it cost to get started?

Most owners are able to start their franchise for under 25k, however, depending on the market size being purchased and your personal start-up costs, this initial cost could increase.

Who is the ideal candidate for the GetintheLoop franchise?

- You have a desire to learn how to sell

- You have a knack for customer service

- You have a growth mindset

-You know your business community

-You’re passionate about helping local businesses

-You’re driven to be very successful

-You have time to dedicate to growing your business

What are my next steps?

Step 1 - Inquire Today! The ball starts rolling when you take action and fill out our inquiry form.

Step 2 - Book a call to chat through the opportunity and we will learn a bit about each other.

Step 3 - Ensure all questions are answered and sign the Franchise Agreement.

Step 4 - Attend Loop University. An immersive, personalized training program. Get set up for success.

Step 5 - It’s time to launch your business! We'll help launch your market successfully and get the first few sales started!

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Everyone Wants to Shop Locally. They Just Need It to Be Easier.

Michael DeLong

Local Owner (Hamilton, ON) 

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Success Stories From These Amazing Entrepreneurs

One of the main reasons we decided to launch a Getintheloop franchise was the amount of support that we knew we would receive from the Getintheloop headquarters. What we did not expect was the connection to local owners across Canada. Having a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that you can learn from, lean on and brainstorm with has been invaluable.
We were drawn to Getintheloop because it gave us an opportunity to make a difference on a local level but with the power of a national brand.
Getintheloop gave me the opportunity to combine my love for technology, local business and my community.

Kristen LeClair

Local Owner (Cowichan, BC) 

Matt Crowell

Founder & CEO