GetintheLoop for Business provides an affordable, personalized service that turns your offers into new and repeat customers.

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I'm a part of Synergy Franchising which owns the franchising rights to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in northern Alberta. Right now, we have 13 stores; in a couple of weeks, it will be 14, and we are set to have 20 stores by 2024. I'm a marketing department of one, and the benefits I get from working with GetintheLoop would be more than a full-time job for multiple people to get the support that we do through this program."

GetintheLoop was built to empower business owners and make local marketing simple, affordable and measurable.

Partner Benefits

Activate your brand in local communities through local social, email, web and mobile

Use the business dashboard to create content quickly that reaches millions of consumers

Drive increased and measurable foot traffic

Create loyalty, and reward returning customers

Create relevant, local content to build trust with customers

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Increase tenant and local store engagement

Gain insight into local customer shopping behaviour

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An Easy and Effective Way to Grow Your Business.

Kayla Spencer

Marketing Coordinator of Synergy Franchising

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Connect With Customers Who Want to Shop Local

Sunrise Records is Canada's only record store chain- also partially responsible for marketing the brand called Tea Kettle, which was founded by Sunrise Records owners. One of our most asked questions on social media, besides asking if we have a product in stock, is that people didn't know Sunrise still existed- or they didn't know record stores still existed. Putting both Sunrise and Tea Kettle on GetintheLoop gets them right in the forefront of shoppers and intending shoppers right in the palm of their hand, it's been huge, and the reach has been fantastic, and it's been so cost-effective. It's been better than any other national ad strategy that we've had so far just because the ROI has been unbelievable."

Mike Mitchell

Marketing Manager of Sunrise Records

Matt Crowell

Founder & CEO 


Our Platform Makes Marketing Easy.

By using the tools available to your business on our platform, you will boost your mobile marketing strategy, achieve grassroots reach at scale, and drive results without needing to add more marketing people to your team.

GetintheLoop For Business Explained:

GetintheLoop is a shop local community. Our easy-to-use marketing tools help you create offers to reach the right audience based on your goals. Do you want to increase repeat purchases with your current customer base? Is your goal to attract new customers? Fill up seats for your event? Our members have opted-in to receive offers from nearby businesses and are ready to engage!

GetintheLoop and Retail Insider Partnership Adds More Value

GetintheLoop's mobile marketing service has been fantastic. We were searching for a tool to attract new customers to Hillside Centre, and most importantly support our retailers within the centre. GetintheLoop has been the perfect fit for us; brand awareness for Hillside and our retailers have increased and we've seen an increase in engagement from our customers.”

Michele Paget

Marketing Director, Hillside Centre, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP

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How much time do I need to spend on GetintheLoop?

As little as 5 minutes per week! However, the more time you’re able to put into it, the more you will get out of it. Our local owners are here to help with your onboarding, talking about your goals, and making offer suggestions. Depending on your plan type, we can manage offers for you, or you can login to your Business Dashboard to quickly make adjustments.

What sort of results can I expect?

Typically, our business partners fall into one of three categories: awareness, loyalty, or actions. Depending on your specific goals and existing marketing channels, your Local Owner or Partner Success Specialist will work with you to determine the best mobile market strategy for your business.

Partners focused on awareness will have the maximum amount of offers live at all times, with regular rotation. Loyalty partners will utilize our Digital Punch Card and retention-based offers, and action-oriented partners will provide higher value offers.

What is an offer? Do I need to provide a deep discount?

An “offer” is any marketing message you’d like to get across to local people! We have a variety of offer types: Exclusive, Reach+, Limited Quantity, and Punch Card. Different offer types have different requirements. For example, a Reach+ offer can be anything you want, and are usually used for awareness-focused businesses. A Limited Quantity offer might include a discount or value-add, and an Exclusive offer is specific to GetintheLoop members. Punch Cards are used to retain current customers.

What is the cost for a national “multi-location” brand to join GetintheLoop?

GetintheLoop offers customized and bulk pricing for multi-location brands. The investment is customized depending on how many locations you would like to join the program.

This Includes: 

  • A dedicated landing page that curates all content
  • The ability to feature articles to get maximum exposure
  • Malls tours
  • Showcase shopping centre tenant brands
  • Live offers feed - Increase value to shopping centre tenants

Retail Insider is Canada's most read retail industry publication which expands our audience by over 300,000. This gives our business partners an increased reach with all of the offers they post on our platform.

As a shopping centre partnered with GetintheLoop, you will receive a dedicated "premium" landing page hosted on the Retail Insider website.

National Brands

Shopping Centres

Digitize your shop local events to reach more consumers and increase engagement